Ian Woolston-Smith Steadicam Operator

Ian Woolston-Smith Steadicam Operator

Ian Woolston-Smith -
Danbury, CT 06811
DESCRIPTION: I am a Steadicam Owner /Operator with over 18 years of experience. I have a very sophisticated Steadicam system. I am also used as a regular camera operator as well. I am based outside NYC, but I have shot in Canada, Scotland, Romania, Costa Rica, Mexico. I always have a visa for the UK. Reel on request.

REFERENCE/CREDITS: (Features) Primeval, Infested, Harrison's Flowers, Rent-A-Husband, Infinity, Time Cop, First Wave, Power Rangers Turbo, The Day The Ponies Come Back, Crime Partners, Perfume, Nancy and Frank, Big Apple, Raw Nerve, (Spots) Bavaria Beer, Budweiser, Tums, Bloomberg for Mayor, Armani Jeans, Fila, WWF, AT&T.

UNION/GUILD: International Cinematographers Guild


PRODUCTION JOB: Steadicam Operator

TELEPHONE: 203-470-3885
FAX: 203-778-1114
CELLULAR: 203-470-3885
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