Roberto Chiofalo , aka AudioMD in San Francisco

Roberto Chiofalo , aka AudioMD in San Francisco

Roberto Chiofalo - Production Sound MIxer / Soundman / Studio Engineer
San Francisco & Worldwide, CA
DESCRIPTION: Production Sound Mixer with over 20 years experience in mixing and recording Film and Video sound. Documentary, Reality Television, Music Videos, ENG, EFP, Industrials, Commercials, News and all Entertainment Projects. Bilingual Spanish & English. I own and maintain a complete audio package. Soundman available as for freelance work in San Francisco and Los Angeles areas.


Langley Productions:

Sound mixer. Worked with East LA Sheriffs, Indianapolis Police, Marion County Sheriff, Albuquerque Police Department, and Pierce County Sheriff's Department. Run & Gun style of shooting.


Freelance: 20/20, 60 Minutes, Dateline, MSNBC

Sound mixer.Covered a variety of stories in Northern and Southern California, such as the LA Earthquake, the Malibu Fires, and the LA Riots, Prison Documentary, as well as many sit down interviews and two camera shoots. Mixed live audio with satellite feeds. Also worked on Good Morning America segments, including coverage of the Academy Awards and various celebrity interviews

OUR COMPANY IS: Solid and Reliable. You need it...we got it.

PRODUCTION JOB: Audio Mixer/Technician-Studio, Audio Mixer/Technician-Location, Sound-Mixer/Technician,

TELEPHONE: (415) 699-6664
  • TV Soundman
  • Metaphysia
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